5 blog post ideas i want to write about

writing in the sand - red pen red temper

writing in the sand

Last night, I made a blogging plan and wrote it down in a bond paper. Full of enthusiasm, I dabbed oil pastel on each side of the bond paper and edges of boxes I drew. I was thinking, colors would make this paper interesting than plain red ink. I’m using red Faber Castell pen for writing and I have been doing this since college. So I summed up my blogging plan.
This morning, I ditched the bond paper because it was too big. I couldn’t find a place to post it that’s within my sight. So I settled with 1/8-size of a bond paper; no more oil pastel for this, drew little boxes and each one bearing a title for the day’s blog category. I post it on my table. I’m satisfied. Sometimes, I think cool ideas; work on it. Then toss it aside.
In light of today’s blogging category, Friday’s blog in progress, I have thought of 5 blogging ideas I want to write about for the next few days. And they are:
1. About me. After many months of putting up my blog, I still haven’t posted content on my blog’s about me page. This post is an introductory part of a blog. And it’s like a prerequisite in any blogs. Mine is on its way. :) About me blog post idea is all about me and the day in my life as I prosper as an indie blogger.
2. Curate a creative endeavor. For this one, I would like to introduce creative work and a profile to its creator. I was thinking about this when I attended an anime convention last Sunday. I saw my cousin and her friend’s first attempt in manga-making. It’s remarkable in the sense that they were able to make it. Amateurish but they made it and that’s the most important part – the making it happen.
3. Travelogue. Travel and vacation; this one I love. But this one needs planning and funds; something of a scarcity right now. So I’m thinking about an alternative like exploring the city where I live. Being a homebody, I rarely go out of the house; except when I take early morning walks on alternate days and withdraw funds. So exploring my hometown is a challenge.
4. How-to blog post. I’m thinking about Photoshop tutorials, manga drawing how-to, and how-to cook simple meals like my fave pansit canton or the one I did yesterday meatballs with sweet and sour sauce.
5. Photoblog. Sometimes, when I’m out of words, I think of blogging in photos. Photos tell a story. I don’t have fancy camera, but will my phone’s camera can?