altered art and old paper effect for beginners like me

notebook cover: auroborus and sun

notebook cover: auroborus and sun

finally, after keeping a copious supply of bond papers, which i had it cut into halves at a bookbinding shop in davao, (i have been keeping it since 2009. i spent a fair amount of money on buying bond papers; my vice.) i decided to make a better us of it. so, last two weeks, after discovering the cache of unused bond papers, i glued them together. i’ll be using it as an idea-drawing notebook for my dirigible pirate project. but it’s bare; artless. well, i managed to attach my two drawings an auroborus and sun (man’s head) on the cover.
while i was researching for niche topics, i came across with altered arts. and it tickled my interest. i want to use that on this notebook but it seems a long way to go. nevertheless, i found something interesting to try on.

aged beauty

i like the aged effect and i want to apply this outside photoshop. i want something that i can hold and doodle. that brings me to recycling two-year old bond papers. i’d like to try using coffee as aging agent since this is the most expedient. i tried this earlier. i soaked a strip of paper, i wrote alibata (also known as baybayin, a pre-spanish ancient script of the philippines. i modified ‘da’ to add ‘ra’ to the script since ‘da’ can be read as ‘ra’.) symbols on that paper in black ink, on the cup with leftover coffee. i like what it turned out; brownish and a bit crisp. i tried to doodle on it; feels good for writing in pencil. so probably tomorrow, if i won’t dilly-dally, (please not) i’ll try an aged effect on real paper; an experiment.

altered art

another thing i’m interested about is altered book; a type of altered art. simply put it, applying creativity on an old book by means of rubber stamping, collage, or embellishing. i like to try this one too.


where to find info on altered art and old paper effect online?

i’m new to this creative stuff. so i bookmarked few of the most helpful resources online:
1. arttrader magazine. if you are interested in altered art craft, i suggest you sign up here. they have free online magazines available for download. to sample their mag, i downloaded two. i scanned the first one i downloaded and it’s beautiful; pretty layout with loads of info about the craft and activities. they interviewed fellow crafters too.
2. for the old paper effect, this tumblr page is useful. the author profiles detailed instruction, materials to use, and photos.
3. has a collection of how-to lessons for aging and altered arts. so this one is definitely a must have.
4. when i google this topic, fragile industries studios site helped me understand what altered book meant.
5. there is another book that’s on my wishlist. Altered Art Circus: Techniques for Journals, Paper Dolls, Art Cards, and Assemblages by lisa kettell is the one i coveted most. it’s available both in book and kindle. i saw the preview first at google books. i like its layout and the activities. a must have for aspiring artist!