keep anything. share anything. google drive is here!

ohhhh… this is awesome! google has launched google drive. it’s an online storage; of course, powered by google. curious? click here and you will be redirected to google drive homepage.

i‘m always a fan of google products. take google docs for instance, i used it everyday to share document files. and this google drive thing would be a good addition. i say would be because as of writing, it’s not yet available in my area. so i just clicked that notify button. when it’s available, i’d be notified via email.

so what will you get? a 5-gb storage for free, if you want to upgrade to 25 gb, that’s $2.49 per month. for 100 gb, that’s $4.99 per month. save and share files. create and collaborate. and get social. :)


image source: a screenshot taken from google drive homepage and used as reference.

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