how i draw a woman’s face (manga style)

my take in drawing a woman’s face

i often hear advice about drawing faces, manga-style, by first making an oval or a circle as a starting point. i used to do that. but eventually, i shifted to square technique (the one i’m showing here) because i find it easier to move on. whenever i start with a circle, i find it difficult to balance the parts – eyes, nose, lips…. so i devised my own technique which i think proved to be helpful.



click the image to expand view. btw, i don’t have a scanner so i used my compact digital camera to take pics. i took these shots tonight so don’t be surprised if the images aren’t clear. :( adjusting the brightness/contrast was the only thing i can do in photoshop. enjoy reading and throw me some comments. i’d catch it the next time i log in. :)




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