how-to make an altered book note holder (really simple)

this altered book note holder how-to is so simple; promise. and if you are interested in making one, you can recycle old notebooks and you have note holders too. so what’s needed?; an old book and ancient, esoteric paper folding technique. ;) (just kidding)

altered book note holder

my altered book note holder

the first thing to do



so here we go. find a book, a hardcover is desirable since its sturdy, can be old or new as long as you no longer needed it for reading. for my altered book note holder, i used a paperback novel; that’s the only one i find available and can fit in my unkempt work table. and it’s a 400-page fantasy novel i bought two years ago at a bouquiniste store.

paper folding time!

altered book note holder side view

altered book note holder side view

the next thing that you are going to do is simply fold each page in half. fold as many pages as you desire. and you are finished. to hold notes, simply insert them between the folded pages. piece of cake, kiddo. ;)


altered book note holder finished

altered book note holder finished

after making this altered book note holder, i’m so amazed and happy. it holds papers firmly. since, i didn’t fold all the pages; there is available space for my pens.

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