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kindle zerodisclosure is all about free ebooks from amazon’s kindle store. grab your copy now while they are still in zero dollar.

here are today’s free mystery & thrillers, women sleuth ebooks from amazon kindle. book description cited below. browse for the top 100 paid and top 100 free best sellers in women sleuths category.

1. bad to the bone (casey jones mystery series) by katy munger

length: 240 pages (estimated)

don’t mess with north carolina’s casey jones — smart mouth ex-con, unlicensed pi and reluctant partner to a barry white wannabe. casey’s big and bad, with attitude to match her altitude. especially when she’s been double-crossed.

at first, casey proves a sucker for the fragile blonde who claims her estranged husband has disappeared with their child. but when casey locates the fugitive spouse a little too easily, she begins to suspect that the lovely tawny bledsoe has played her for a fool. especially when casey gets stiffed on the fee, then finds herself embroiled in a murder case with tawny’s name written all over it. bad check in hand and a bad taste in her mouth, casey resolves to stop tawny once and for all, but the battle quickly turns personal with tawny proves more than a match for the the irrepressible casey. ego rattled, casey laces up her high-tops to track her nemesis to florida for a saturday night cat fight. casey must leave her sweet-and-sour southern ways far behind in order to prove that tawny bledsoe is one bad to the bone babe who belongs behind bars — no matter what it takes to bring her down.
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download the ebook: bad to the bone (casey jones mystery series) by katy munger

2. still life with murder (nell sweeney mysteries, book 1) by p.b. ryan

length: 324 pages (contains real page numbers)

book #1 of p.b. ryan’s acclaimed historical mystery series featuring boston governess nell sweeney and opium-smoking former battle surgeon will hewitt. long thought to have died during the civil war, will is arrested for murder, and it’s up to nell to prove his innocence. originally published by berkley prime crime.
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boston 1868: the wealthy are enjoying the height of the gilded age–but not all are wealthy. as governess to the hewitt family, irish immigrant nell sweeney is sent to discover the truth behind the rumor that their son–thought to be killed in the civil war–is still alive and in prison.
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download the ebook: still life with murder (nell sweeney mysteries, book 1) by p.b. ryan

3. murder takes a bow – a betty crawford mystery (the betty crawford mysteries) by liz marvin

length: 215 pages (estimated)

introducing america’s first diabetic amateur detective. 25 year old millennial betty crawford is thrown into a maelstrom of murder and deceit as she races to clear her best friend of murder charges while coping with type ii diabetes and her new web business run out of her parent’s home.

and if that wasn’t enough what can – and should – she do about her inexplicable attraction for the police officer handling the murder investigation?

mystery and romance are the two most popular modern literary genres and the betty crawford series combines both. what makes betty interesting isn’t merely the crimes and how she solves them but how she deals with the important issues of her life.

betty is a type ii diabetic who loves food and it shows; she is overweight. with a self aware sense of humor she faces the need to change her lifestyle, improve her self image, rebuild her career and most importantly figure out the appropriate ways to interact with her family, friends and the man she loves.

as is the case in real life, there are no easy answers, few straight lines and there is always more going on than meets the eye.
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download the ebook: murder takes a bow – a betty crawford mystery (the betty crawford mysteries) by liz marvin

4. haole wood by dee detarsio

length: 216 pages (estimated)

when san diego weathercaster, jaswinder park, is mysteriously summoned to the island of maui in hawaii to help her grandmother, she ends up losing her job. this fair-haired, light-skinned foreigner, called haole by the natives, decides to stay in maui for a couple of days until she can figure out what to do with her life. she realizes that her quick trip to maui may not be all she’s hoping for when:

-she has to bail her hawaiian/korean grandmother out of jail for possession of pakalolo.

-the only thing she can understand her grandmother say is: “not that.”

-she can’t decide which hurts worse, her sunburn, hangover, or memories of the night before.

-she’s labeled the “liquor licker” on the front page of the maui news in a photo that shows her doing a shot of tequila with a hunky hawaiian who’s been found dead.

-it seems she’s had orgasms that have lasted longer than her career.

-she scrapes the bottom of the barrel to find her guardian angel.

beautiful fabric found in her grandmother’s closet unfolds a future for jaswinder as she designs sensuous silky wraps called sunshminas that provide sun protection. she tries for a hollywood connection, but her company, haole wood, has some growing pains. from trying to find a killer, to selling her sunshminas, to lusting after dr. jac, the island dermatologist, to trying to ignore her so-called guardian angel, can jaswinder learn to embrace the island way of life? aloha!
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download the ebook: haole wood by dee detarsio

5. ripping abigail, a quilted mystery novel by barbara sullivan

length: 392 pages (contains real page numbers)

picking up the threads of the quilted mystery series that debuted with unravelling ada, ripping abigail delves into the seamy side of southern california gang culture. bright, creative, 13-year-old quilted secrets member abigail pustovoytenko rebels against her homeschooling and enrolls herself in a high school where the local gangs are under pressure from mysterious forces and engaging in ever more violent acts. as abigail draws unwanted attention by speaking up for the victims of the escalating gang activity, retired librarian-turned private investigator rachel lyons has her hands full trying to keep the rebellious, principled teenager safe while seeking to uncover the forces behind this eruption of gang violence that is overwhelming the high school and surrounding community.
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download the ebook: ripping abigail, a quilted mystery novel by barbara sullivan

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