march 2012 lizard brain challenge: fantasy mapmaking

as of late, i keep my self busy with drawing maps for aa (my ambitious literary project. ahem!). i wanted to make a compendium of references before hitting the writing mode. and since i can’t get my thoughts out of perfecting this map, i decided to make march as fantasy mapmaking challenge.

i have created a map but haven’t labeled it yet. and i have this feeling that the map isn’t final. well, the new one is a 2nd version. i have good reason to ditch the first because it went out of proportion and it was too big (drawn on cartolina paper size). i prefer to draw on legal size bond paper. it’s manageable.

i i know me. my productivity is misplaced. so for this month i have to sweet-talk the fool so he steps off the metaphorical precipice. :)

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