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monday book review #6: no such thing as a secret: a brandy alexander mystery by shelly fredman

no such thing as a secret

i like brandy alexander’s bubbly and gutsy character. she is smart, funny but never annoying. shelly fredman wrote no such thing as a secret, the first book of brandy alexander mystery, in a first-person narration. i’m a fan of this narrative mode (hoping someday i could pen a first-person narrative rom-com whodunit novel. urg. sounds like i’m so ambitious. ;) just bear with me.) and she did a wonderful writing here. secret isn’t a monotonous soliloquy of a woman distressed over meeting the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart, suddenly tossed into sleuthing, and fighting inner feelings over an ex-bf and attraction to a sexy man with a bad boy persona.

monday book review #5: devil moon: a mystic romance by dana taylor

monday book review #5: devil moon: a mystic romance by dana taylor

title: devil moon: a mystic romance author: dana taylor genre: romance source: amazon kindle edition i rate this [rating=4]     dream man meets moon goddess Welcome to the mystical town of Beaver Cove, Arkansas where country ghosts offer homey advice and the moon makes lovers of total strangers! Maddie Harris left Boston in humiliation. [...]

monday book review #4: spying in high heels by gemma halliday


title: spying in high heels author: gemma halliday genre: romance, mystery & thrillers, women sleuth source: amazon kindle i rate this [rating=4]       meet maddie springer, a shoe designer, whose l.a. life revolves around high heels, her aerobics queen best friend, and handsome lawyer boyfriend. but when her boyfriend suddenly disappeared along with [...]

monday book review #3: the panther and the pearl by doreen owens malek


set in the ottoman empire in 1885, a young and strong-willed american woman suddenly found herself to be a turkish prince’ haseki, a favorite concubine in the pasha’s harem. for him, it’s a well paid trade. but what for the american beauty whose culture greatly differed from her? especially on her the notion of love [...]

monday book review #2: the island of the day before by umberto eco

the fluyt

can you imagine what a young lovesick castaway can do on a mysteriously deserted ship? roberto della griva survived the siege at casale, imprisonment, and shipwreck. but, this time, in order to survive the vicissitudes of fate, he must learn how to swim from daphne to the island of the day before. [sam id="15" codes="true"] [...]

monday book review #1: the name of the rose by umberto eco

the name of the rose | taken using ge a1455

few years after discovering the manuscript of abbe vallet, the narrator finally wrote, out of ‘pure love of writing’, his italian version of the ‘obscure, neo-gothic french version’ of the latin works written towards the end of the 14th century by an old monk adso of melk.