weekend blog customization marathon

mosquito net | quirky habit of mine

mosquito net | quirky habit of mine

yes, it’s weekend. and it’s my blog customization marathon. i’m stuck at home, as always, fyi, with my mosquito net on my feet; a quirky habit of mine to use it to cover my feet. :D but i’m stuck online trying to make this blog look better. :) i made few modifications. and it started with creating a new twenty eleven wordpress child theme as well as comparing the first child theme i made few months ago. whew! i’ve been customizing rprt since saturday. and i like it’s outcome. i’m no expert so it takes the whole weekend to do it. it’s monday now; 5 minutes before 6am. and i’ve been awake since around 1am. i want to update this blog post before i go to sleep.

so what i got with this endeavor? aside from back ache, i leaned closer to the laptop, and less sleep, well, it’s rewarding. :) fruit of labor, kiddo. :) ever since i got my own domain, i’m challenged to create my own wordpress theme. sigh. it’s confusing. so i just created a child theme instead. :D

i’m a diy believer. and as long as i can gogle it, i can do it. but i cannot diy creating a new wp theme. it’s laborious and too difficult. and i don’t want to clone another person’s efforts. so satisfy my self with twenty eleven child theme.

hmmmm….. i think this child theme looks better than the previous one i had. whatcha you think?

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